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How will acupuncture help me during my cancer treatments?

Clinical Trials and Cancer Patients indicate Acupuncture provides relief from the numerous unwanted side effects from chemotherapy, radiation, biological therapy and surgery. MD Anderson and Sloan Kettering two of the top cancer treatment and research centers in the country found Acupuncture reduces the impact of side effects and improves the overall quality of life for the patient. They utilize acupuncture as apart of their integrative approach and refer cancer patients for acupuncture who have:

  • Pain
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Dry Mouth, Night Sweats and Hot Flashes
  • Stress, Anxiety and Fatigue
  • Lymphedema
  • Increasing White Blood Cell Count/Immune System

Why choose McDermott Wellness Center as part of your IntegratiCancer care support with acupuncture Cancer Care Plan?

"Persons affected by cancer may enhance their quality of life through the safe and effective delivery of acupuncture. Acupuncture can be successfully and safely integrated with conventional cancer treatments when delivered by a trained professional to improve outcomes for cancer patients.” University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Carol McDermott, our Acupuncture Physician received training at MD Anderson Cancer Center and is Florida licensed as a Acupuncture Physician and Certified by the National Certification Commissions for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.. She has been in practice for over ten years. Before becoming an Acupuncture Physician, Carol McDermott worked at Dr. Andrew Weil’s Program of Integrative Medicine in Tucson, Arizona

Our Cancer Care Services are offered in a serene atmosphere to further support you and Include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition for Cancer
  • Mediation training / Mind body therapy
  • Yoga Therapy

Cancer care training at MD Anderson Cancer Center included the following:

  • Role of Integrative Oncology in Comprehensive Cancer Care
  • The complexity of cancer care and the importance of an overall treatment plan
  • Developing Safe, evidence based treatment plans for common side effects of cancer therapy
  • Acupuncture for Pain control
  • Acupuncture for Side Effects in cancer treatments such as GI side effects, nausea, dry mouth, neuropathy, medication side effects, vomiting
  • Psycho- social Issues in Cancer Care
  • When and how to utilize acupuncture in the continuum of care – post operative or while receiving chemotherapy or radiation
  • Chemo & Radiation: Principals and common side effects
  • Oncology Treatments and side effects
  • Dermatology Issues in Cancer Patients
  • The complications in advanced cancer patients


The following is a list of contraindications and precautions developed by MD Anderson Cancer Center, that we at Acupuncture Wellness Center adhere to:

  • Special precautions may be necessary for patients with bleeding disorders or who have recently received anti-coagulation therapy. At the time of referral, we will work with your physician to determine if labwork is needed or if deep needling should be avoided.
  • Patients with local or systemic infection or who are immunocompromised may not be eligible to receive acupuncture. We will work with your physician at the time of referral to determine if special precautions or labwork are needed.
  • Patients with a pacemaker will not be eligible to receive electrical stimulation during acupuncture but may be eligible for treatment without electrical stimulation.
  • Special precautions may be necessary for patients with other electronic devices or metal implants.
  • Mental status will be taken into consideration when being evaluated for treatment.

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