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 It is with mixed emotions announcing that McDermott Wellness will be relocating to Sedona, Arizona.

I know you have come to recognize, how much regular acupuncture treatments bring physical, mental, and emotional systems into coherent alignment, reducing pain and stress and in turn, create homeostasis within your body.

In our lifestyle and nutritional sessions, we discussed many aspects of the new recent scientific discoveries and understandings of disease, medicine, nutrition, environmental toxins, and stress that will contribute to not just your life span, but your health span.  Life span is how long you live, Health span is how well you live.

I encourage each of you to continue your road to increased health and vitality with the ongoing commitment I witnessed during your treatment sessions.

To ensure continuous care, you will need to secure a new acupuncturist and I suggest the place to start is the website of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental (NCCAOM).

 website -

Click on the tab - Go to find a practitioners and type in your zip code and the distance you are willing to travel, and you will find a listing of practitioners.  Your selection of a healthcare practitioner is a vital and important decision.  I encourage you to set up a consultation with the practitioner prior to your first visit to review your conditions and goals.

All medical records are confidential and protected by federal privacy and security regulations.  With your authorization a copy of medical records can be released to you.

You may contact us at and request an electronic copy to be sent to you via email.

It has been such a pleasure and a joy to be your Acupuncture Physician.

I will be available if you or your new practitioner have any questions. You can continue to reach me at  We will keep you advised as to when our new location in Sedona is up and operational.

I wish you lots of joy and continued health.


Carol McDermott

Acupuncture Physician


We look forward to hearing from you.

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